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Foundation Repair

Foundation Restoration Service - Foundation being repaired

Foundation problems may start off small, but overtime can quickly escalate to cause widespread problems. Your foundation may sit out of sight, but it shouldn’t remain out of mind. Regardless of how minor or severe the damage may seem, you should always take care of it quickly before it can get worse.

Beware of Cracks!

Over time, foundation issues will continue to worsen and can not only cause cracks in the floor and leaks over the top of the foundation itself but can lead to problems in your home's structural integrity. Cracks in the foundation can also allow water to enter into your home leading to additional hazard conditions. Our foundation repair and waterproofing services can help you fix these issues before they get out of hand. If you have wall rotation, separation around windows and doors or cracks in the walls and floor, then it’s time to give us a call!

Factors that Affect Foundations

Understanding the risks to your foundation can help you take steps to minimize or reduce threats and recognize when you need to look into foundation repair or waterproofing to correct an ongoing problem.


The effects of poor drainage

When the drainage on your property is poor or inadequate, water can pool around your foundation. This accumulation can lead to deterioration over time.


The effects of shifting soil

If the soil on which your property rest was not properly compacted prior to construction or undergoes changes due to droughts or rainfall, any shifts will take your foundation along for the ride. This causes settling, shifting, and other damage.


The effects of root damage

It is possible that while looking for water tree roots may burrow through the concrete of your foundation. Over time these roots weaken the foundation and make it more susceptible to water, which causes further damage.

Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

sinking patio

Although it may sound like a complex process, foundation repair can be completed quickly and effectively to restore your property’s comfort and value. If your foundation needs repair, then don’t wait - contact us today to schedule an evaluation. We will provide a thorough evaluation of your property and the land surrounding to determine not only the extent of the damage but the cause behind it. Remember, foundation repair not only addresses current damage but helps prevent future problems from ever happening. Don’t wait! We’re here to help.

What to Look For

cracked foundation uneven foundation shifting foundation leaking wall cracks

Here are a few things that help you tell if your foundation is in need of servicing:

If you're experiencing any of those problems, contact us for an estimate. Foundation problems can severly impact not only the look but the monetary value of your home. Small problems can turn quickly turn into large issues if left unchecked, and we know that you want to get the most value out of your property as possible. Let FRS help you today. We'll get your foundation back to where it needs to be.

Foundation Repair Examples

foundation example 1 foundation example 2 foundation example 3
foundation example 4 foundation example 5 foundation example 6
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